Making Cinder Toffee

I don’t usually do spontaneous. There’s often no room for it for one, but in the interests of full disclosure : I don’t bloody like it.

So when I saw Nigella’s tweet about her recipe of the day, it was a surprise to find myself making it not half an hour later. Now, she calls it Hokey Pokey, but where I come from (oop north) we call it cinder toffee. You might also know it as the inside of a crunchie. I love the stuff. It reminds me of school trips, sitting crammed into a shambles of a coach, stuffing this stuff into my mouth until my tongue was raw.

I remember watching her make this on her telly programme, thinking I ought to do it. Who knows what happens to all those resolutions made in front of cooking shows, but here we are, better late than never. She was right, as well: it’s the work of moments and utterly delicious.

You know why she tells you to give it away too? Because if you don’t you’ll just carry on eating it until it’s all gone.


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    My husband calls it hokey pokey too – it’s an antipodean thing, although why Nigella does is a mystery. I must try this again without the ‘assistance’ of the smalls. Most tense 10 minutes of my life – and I burned it!

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