I bloomin' love the Olympics I do. Every time I get sucked right in, spending hours watching sports that don't normally get any airtime, gasping at these amazing athletes who quietly dedicate their lives to judo and and cycling and rowing. It's … [Read more...]

Flag Waving

We're in the business of making memories as well as physical/edible things, so today we went to watch the Olympic torch relay. It passed by the end of our street, so it would have been exceedingly rude not to. Among most of the people I know it's … [Read more...]

Wolf Porridge

So I'm a good baker. I may not be the best baker, but I rarely have a cake that doesn't rise. As a young girl I made a cake every Saturday before I went ice skating, usually chocolate, let's be honest, and I'd have a massive slice of it when I got … [Read more...]